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When facing emergencies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), knowing the right numbers to call can be crucial. Each emirate within the UAE has specific emergency numbers, but there’s also a main emergency number that can be used across the country. Additionally, telecommunication providers offer services that can be useful in emergencies, and official websites provide further resources and information.

Main Emergency Number Across the UAE:

  • Unified Emergency Number for Police, Fire, and Ambulance: 999

This number can be dialed from anywhere within the UAE to reach emergency services quickly.

Emergency Numbers by Emirates:

  • Abu Dhabi:
    • Police: 999
    • Ambulance: 998
    • Fire Department: 997
  • Dubai:
    • Police: 999
    • Ambulance: 998
    • Fire Department: 997
  • Sharjah:
    • Police: 999
    • Ambulance: 998
    • Fire Department: 997
  • Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain:
    • Police, Ambulance, and Fire Department: 999

Telecommunications for Emergencies:

  • Etisalat and Du: Both are major telecom providers in the UAE, offering emergency call services. You can dial 999 from any Etisalat or Du phone to reach emergency services.

Useful Websites for Emergency Information:

  • Ministry of Interior’s Official Website: Provides comprehensive information on emergency services, safety tips, and more. Visit Ministry of Interior.
  • Dubai Police Official Website: Offers a range of services and information related to emergencies in Dubai. Check out Dubai Police.

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